Interactive maps are central in everything from data visualization to navigation. We have the skill and confidence to bring your map to life.

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We are mostly based out of the beautiful Coast Salish territories. We are working on hosting events, so check back soon!


Led by programmer Victor Temprano, Mapster is cultivating a group of great designers and programmers.


Mapster makes awesome, impactful apps. We work with all kinds of web projects and clients, from small businesses to governments. Our ultimate goal is to fund and create apps and projects that are meaningful to people. We want to make positive waves in this world.

Take a look at some of our top projects

We have a ton of things to show off, but these are the ones we’re most proud of (and that we can legally show!):

We are also creating some great products and modern tools with complex web technologies and integrations.


We take the time

We really care about our work and we strive to make great products. Our clients are prone to rave about us if you happen to get in touch with them...

Poloko Maps

Poloko Maps

Mapster are true masters of their craft! Lightning communications with a superb human touch. Even when they encountered a few technical glitches they immediately identified the source of the glitch and fixed it on the go. I highly recommend! Bravo!

Georgia Progressive

Georgia Progressive

Mapster took on one of the most difficult kinds of projects -- a broken DIY coding project. They identified my mistakes quickly and fixed a jumbled mess of code. They were friendly and easy to work with throughout the project.

Dastardly Designs

Dastardly Designs

Amazing job. Super talented and super hard working people. They knows their stuff, and they strive for perfection. Definitely recommended for future projects!


It's not always easy to understand exactly what a technology company does. Is it app development, or just mapping, or can we do Wordpress too? Well, all of the above. But there are some things we don't do, too!

If you can see it on the internet, it's very possible we can work with it. But our main tech revolves around NodeJS, Javascript, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, API use, and mapping APIs. We are very comfortable with building out large user interfaces and we can offer consulting on the best technology to use.

We don't generally provide small, ongoing Wordpress fixes or full-time tech support. We are a project-based agency. Some tech we do not specialize in: Ruby, Rails, Python, Django, Angular. We can work with them, though!

Mapping is in use by thousands of companies today, in almost every application -- Uber, Skip the Dishes, and simple jogging and running apps employ geographic positioning. Even social media links you up with locations. Because we are the forefront experts in employing maps online, we are poised to rock out with the further explosion of maps and geographic data online!

Unfortunately, we just can't give out single prices here. Everything depends on the nature of your project and what kind of budget you have. We really strive to be clear about budgets and we're here to make you a good product, not just get everything we can from you. Never hesitate to ask us about price and for justifications. We are happy to chat!


Everyone that works at Mapster is engaged online and interested in growing. Read from our developers and our founder Victor Temprano on a variety of topics!

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