Mapster makes awesome, impactful apps. We work with all kinds of web projects and clients, but the ultimate goal is to fund apps and projects that increase useful dialogue on social issues and improve our world.

I’m Victor, creator of Mapster. I’ve been making maps for years, and even as a little kid I seemed to have a strong spatial consciousness. Some of my earliest memories are of the layouts of homes and landscapes…

My mapping journeys started in earnest when I created Native Land, a popular web app showing Indigenous territories across the world. This project matters a lot to me, and I’m unbelievably glad that I’ve been able to make some kind of impact from what I’ve built.

For years before that, I’d already worked professionally and as a freelancer, doing a lot of front-end work and other personal projects (just see the Portfolio). I have outstanding ratings and my clients rave about my work. I love the freelancer and contractor lifestyle, but I also love having lots of work to do, so I’m turning my mapping expertise into a company.

Best of all, I might be able to fund things I care about and make a decent difference in some people’s lives. I’d love to hear about your passions and interests. Until then — keep on mapping!

Mapster is committed to respecting individual human rights in Canada, including the values underlying the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as other rights.