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We are a Vancouver startup specializing in interactive mapping. We are also deeply interesting in helping non-profits of all stripes to get their projects online.


Free Courses on YouTube

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve posted at all on the blog, but it’s not because we haven’t been busy. We’ve been building tons of great mapping applications, helping Native-Land.ca get off the ground, and working with tons of new clients. We will be featuring some of our work in coming posts, as well as some helpful content for new digital mapmakers.

For now, this post is to announce that we’ve decided to add our Leaflet course and our Mapbox Studio & Mapbox GL JS course free on YouTube now — not just on Udemy! We want to make mapping available to all the masses and anyone who wants to learn. We figure that’s a good business decision, in addition to helping everybody out to learn the best they can.

The videos are a little outdated, but we sure hope they can help people out. That’s what keeps us going, after all — knowing that we’re contributing in some way to make things better.

Stay tuned for more, coming soon!

Courses & Help

It’s important to us that other people are empowered in making super awesome things online. We have made quite a few courses on a variety of subjects, ranging from ReactJS to mapping and more.

We also have made quite a few helpful products and modules, and we work at making sure these are up-to-date and open-source for the community and for whoever can benefit.

If you have any questions, want some clarification, or wish we had a particular course, just get in touch!


Interactive Mapping in Mapbox – this course covers everything you need to know about using Mapbox Studio and Mapbox GL JS. Learn about managing data, the strengths and weaknesses of Mapbox, styling maps, loading them online and more!

LeafletJS – this course takes you from start to finish with LeafletJS. You learn a lot of other information about mapping too, like about interface design, mobile considerations, and more. We also take you through some pretty cool extras like heatmaps and geolocation!

ReactJS – this course is designed to get you deep into ReactJS and ready to make apps. We use it internally at Mapster, especially to help devs familiar with React but needing some brushing up in Redux or other parts of their React repertoire.

Youtube Videos – you can find our YouTube channel here. We post tips for solving interactive map problems and brief tutorials. We’re always working on uploading new content, so hit the ‘Subscribe’ button to stay up-to-date!


Mapbox GL Draw Rotate Mode


WP React CRA Boilerplate Plugin 

Learn A Language Plugin 

WP Mapbox GL JS Plugin 

Mapping Resources

This post was born from the ashes of Mapzen — when they went down in early 2018, they put up a really useful post with some good mapping resources that made up for some things they have provided.

I’ve added some of my own picks here, and the list will constantly grow. Please inform us of any broken links and we will remove/replace ASAP.

Basemaps, Vector tile services

Mobile SDKs


Search & geocoding


Editors, Linters, Converters



Google Maps API or Leaflet: What’s Best for your Project?

It can be pretty overwhelming and complex to decide on a mapping API to use when you’re new to the whole idea of interactive mapping, and when you might not know exactly where your project will go.

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