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We are a Vancouver startup specializing in interactive mapping. We are also deeply interesting in helping non-profits of all stripes to get their projects online.

Free Stuff

Mapster is committed to making all kinds of resources free when it comes to maps and education. We want people to be able to create their own great maps and to feel empowered to know they can do so much with only a little knowledge.

WP Mapbox GL JS

We built a great WordPress plugin — the only one out there that comprehensively uses Mapbox GL JS to power its mapping. This is a huge advantage over Mapbox.js, Leaflet, or Google Maps API — it allows much more custom styles, integrated tilesets and datasets, and much more data can be shown on the map at once.

It’s not a simple system. At first, we built an “Advanced” version of the plugin that we planned to sell. However, keeping up with this turned out not to be worth the costs.

So, instead, a couple years on, we’re planning to just release all the previously paid features of the plugin as new features in the free one. This will take us a little while to do, but you’ll soon see huge new improvements coming.

See our documentation for more information on this.

Mapster Map Digitizer

It can be a problem getting paper maps into an online format. Luckily, we’ve done this so much with Native-Land.ca that we figured it would be easier if we just built a tool to help get it done quickly.

For now, you can upload an image, attach it to the underlying map in the right location at the right size and location, and then draw an overlay that allows you to capture the corresponding geoJSON.

There are a couple random things in there about making an account, but we’ll be cleaning it up and pushing it out there again in an easier format soon.

See the Map Digitizer here.

Free Tutorials

We made some great tutorials on LeafletJS and Mapbox, but they were on Udemy and not for free. So now, we’re opening them right up.

Check them out on the Mapster YouTube channel, and subscribe for more tutorials coming soon!

Right-Hand-Rule Fixer

When the GeoJSON specification changed in 2016 to require the right-hand-rule, we built a little online tool that can help you fix your geoJSONs quickly.

Go to the Right-Hand-Rule Fixer here.