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We are a Vancouver startup specializing in interactive mapping. We are also deeply interesting in helping non-profits of all stripes to get their projects online.

Locate Mapster… at Locate!

So, this business thing is quite a ride. I wasn’t expecting things to be easy, but then, I didn’t know what to expect. It’s fun, tiring, and mostly just really interesting. Mapster keeps growing, and there’s Native Land to manage at the same time, and new people, and life changes… it’s a lot!

At the end of this month, we’re going to be going to the Locate conference in San Francisco. We made a really nice connection the Mapbox team a few weeks ago, and it’s been exciting to chat back and forth about all the cool tools we’re making and our awesome projects.

Mapbox has been really great, even though they must be so busy with the conference coming up fast. Here’s a few things they did for us:

I hope that we can angle our way into some kind of developer table at Locate — even just for 10 minutes — because I really want to show off the awesome things we’ve done with Mapbox. Like…

I think we’re helping to open up Mapbox to the whole world by creating interactive map editors like the WP Mapbox GL JS plugin. Mapbox does a great job for developers, and it’s time for that to get connected to non-technical users. We can, and are, working to make Mapbox available for the masses!

We’re also going to be at the Mapping & Social Impact Breakfast event with Marena Brinkhurst … so come get nerdy about maps and meaning-making with us!

Anyway, there’ll be a few of us at Locate: Developer Ruby Kulikowska, VP Biz Dev Duncan Kennedy, and me, Victor Temprano. Send us a note and let’s meet up and chat if you’re interested! Or, just let’s enjoy the conference and come away with some great new ideas for mapping!

Look forward to seeing you at Locate,

Victor Temprano
Founder, Mapster Tech