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We are a Vancouver startup specializing in interactive mapping. We are also deeply interesting in helping non-profits of all stripes to get their projects online.


We’ve worked on many projects over the years — too many to list here. But we’ll list a few of our favourites, along with the technologies we used to build them.


A viral site mapping Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages. Mapster was largely created to help fund Native-Land.ca, and the site was concieved by our CEO.

React, WordPress, React Native, Mapbox

Learn Ditidaht

One of a set of sites built with the Ditidaht School (Ditidaht Nation) to help with language revitalization.

React, WordPress, Mapbox, LeafletJS, React Native, Dictionary, Interactivity, Gamification

Project ’44

An extensive WWII mapping site built with CRMA to display a time-slider of troop movements post-DDay 1944/45.

React, Mapbox, NodeJS, Postgres

Interactive Maps with Mapbox

A course, now free on Youtube, for anyone to learn how to use Mapbox GL JS.

Tarot Routing

A routing app developed to help numerous drivers get to their multi-delivery destinations as quickly as possible.

React, LeafletJS

Dwellsy Inc

A real estate website specializing in local listings.

React, Mapbox