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Mapping Water Sources in Uganda

Ugandan Water Source Map by Scotty Hagen

I was blown away when I heard that 1 in 4 people on the planet don’t have access to clean water. I was even more dumbfounded to learn how many inexpensive and effective solutions there are for this issue. Some are as simple as jerry can caps that provide UV treatment when left out for 24 hours; while others are much more complex, like creating large gravity flow systems that take water from a source and transport it down to water pumps in remote villages.

This interactive map shows the different water projects in Uganda, made by the organization ACTS. ACTS builds gravity flow systems. You can zoom in on each source to view the number of people that the water source is serving. The map also indicates where the tap stands are located in the villages and a few of the stops that the water takes from source to tap stand along the way. This access to clean water saves Ugandans from walking an average of 2km, multiple times a day, and the clean water protects them from various illnesses and allows them to spend that time either in school or working.

For more information on water projects in Uganda, visit ACTS’ website.